If you are a website owner, you must consider getting more links to your site if you expect it to appear on first page results of major search engines. This is the main reason why different reasons have been formulated to help generate more links. A sites inbound links hold more importance as they help propel its popularity among search engines. To get links, you can either generate them through generic means or through paid methods.

When trying for the first time, it is suggested that you first look for the free options prior to going ones you need to pay for. The free one most widely used is article marketing, and it relates to supplying good articles to the various well known directories. You would just be required to insert your link into the relevant box for your publications submitted, and in turn you will receive a good amount of contacts. To obtain the best results you should make use of a number of these directories.

Another method which is almost similar to article submission is the use of press releases. These are usually submitted to specialized sites which provide you with some inbound links to your site. High quality press releases can even be published in different sites from the ones you had submitted which is still beneficial to your site.

You may also consider locating a site or blog similar to yours and providing worthwhile comments on the site, with links to your own site. In so doing you must ensure that the comments you have left on the site will add and not detract from the blog. Further, do it sparingly, if you are not intending to be labeled as spam.

Another very powerful method to get in bound links for your site is through social media sites. The first option is to use social bookmarking sites which is relatively easy. However, you should not promote your content directly as your account might be banned. Since they have strict rules on conduct, they assist in faster indexing of ones site by the major search engines. Apart from this, having more presence on popular social media sites is important. This way you can post links with information about your products or services through the profiles.

Away from the free options, the paid methods can help you if you are not getting results as fast as you would like. This happens sometimes due to the complex nature of generating links. This means that your generic efforts might results in thousands of links but all of which are poor quality. This is why getting links from paid directories such as yahoo and dirbull is worthy as they are usually high quality.

Another option instead of paying for the inbound links is to hire a service provider to help you generate the inbound links you are searching for. With the experience and expertise these people introduce, you can be assured of securing high quality links within a short time. Before choosing the provider, you should check the PR of their site which is an indicator of the service you should expect.

Finally, another way to get links is through expired domains. Sometimes back it was easy to search for such domains. However, today the best way to do this is by using search tools which help you locate the links easily.